Innovative solutions with ozone generation technology

Ozone is a natural gas composed of three oxygen atoms (symbol O3) present mainly in the terrestrial stratosphere, capable of offering us important protection from the dangerous UV-B and UV-C rays coming from the sun.

This gas is the most powerful bactericidal and virustatic, usable, existing in nature. The bactericidal action of ozone is based on its high direct oxidation capacity, thanks to this quality the microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi, yeasts, algae, etc.) are destroyed or inactivated with a rapid and definitive action without producing toxic by-products.

The ozone gas is also able to reduce heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, lead, etc.), pesticides (atrazine, propazine, molinate, etc.), pollutants (hydrocarbons, surfactants, nitrates, sulphites, etc.) and many other toxic substances found in water, air and food.

Since its discovery, the peculiar oxidative characteristics of ozone have made it a powerful ally for carrying out tasks related to the sterilization of water and air, the sanitization of environments and objects, as well as for the control of odors.

IT BLOCKS viruses and bacteria

It blocks the action of viruses, bacteria, germs, molds, fungi, mites…

IT ELIMINATES unpleasant odours

Eliminates bad odors of mold, smoke, animal hair …

IT REPELLS insects

Keep away insects like flies, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas and cockroaches

IT DOES NOT emit toxic residues

Completely natural, it does not release toxic residues into the environment

IT DOES NOT damage surfaces

Dry application that does not damage surfaces and skin


It is safe, non-flammable and does not irritate the skin

Certified action

It meets the rules on health and safety at work.

Its action is certified and verified.


Ozone generator suitable for sanitizing indoor spaces

The STORM ozonator is ecological and sanitizes the environment without the need for chemical detergents. Ozone penetrates deeply reaching the most hidden points.

Air, a fundamental element for life, often represents a vehicle of infections for humans and animals. The environments, especially public ones, are frequented by a high number of people and their presence increases the possibility that viruses, bacteria and fungi can spread which can quickly give rise to states of discomfort and disease. Air treatment with STORM represents an important milestone capable of ensuring various applications, which can range from simple deodorization to complete sanitation of environments.

Suitable for all enclosed environments

STORM is ideal in most locations for residential and business use because in a short time, it removes any odor, sanitizes all surfaces including furnishings, penetrates fabrics, ventilation ducts and all those points that are difficult to reach by other products.


You can activate STORM and set the timer wherever you are, thanks to our app.


Sanitizing box with Ozone and UV-C light

STORM CUBE is the new sanitizer for objects that combines the sanitizing power of ozone with that of ultraviolet light (UV-C) to ensure a double deep and broad-spectrum sanitizing action.

Treatment with ozone and UV-C light is a sanitizing method for dry application, which does not wet and does not damage the surfaces with which it comes into contact, does not require rinsing and does not release any toxic residues in the environment and on objects.

Sanitize everyday objects, at each use, in one touch.

Designed not only for mobile phones, thanks to the large storage compartment STORM CUBE is ideal for sanitizing in a few minutes, in a safe and natural way, a wide range of small everyday objects in homes or in places open to the public such as keys, brushes, toys, masks, glasses, clothing, tools and work tools, etc.

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